Our Story

Four Generations of Family Printers

Established in 1908, Vanmar was one of the largest manufactures of multi-color prayer cards and sympathy announcements in the country. This business opened the flood gates for the Marano men and created a passion for graphic arts. In 1959, John Marano purchased a 200,000 square foot building to bring operations under one roof. Through converting manufacturing and printing operations Marano flourished and his business boomed.


Now, 110 years later the Marano legacy lives on. John Marano and his wife Sueli, owners of Images Fine Print, have been printing for over 45 years. John learned from his father, Carlo Marano who took over Vanmar from his father the former, John Marano. Through learning from generation to generation, John has grown his passion for printing. Vanmar’s technology was so sophisticated that John is still using equipment from that era along with state of the art equipment from today’s era.

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